Inspire healthcare professionals to optimize the patient-journey by means of technological innovation.


Tech inspiration
Inspiration with technological innovation as baseline to co-define solutions to fit your medical needs. These solutions make optimal use of existing components and products, while tailoring them to your specific environment.
Patient journey
The patient journey starts long before passing the hospital doors and ends also much later than the hospital dismissal. As the patient stay in the hospital is optimized for efficiency, the patient journey extra muros becomes more and more important. We therefore focus on the end-2-end user experience for patient and treating physician, with data and insights throughout the entire patient lifecycle.
People focus
People drive the organization and therefore also the change process. Therefore we focus on the people and have dedicated change management tracks to assist and guide everyone successfully through the transformation.
We work together with you throughout the entire project, from initial ideation over analysis, design, implementation and maintenance & governance. Involving the stakeholders from the start results in a solution that has buy-in of the people that will be using it. As such, it is a prerequisite for a successful transformation project in your organization.
Open architecture
We are not bound to one vendor or technology. Instead we foster openness and interoperability in our solutions. As a result every project will strive for an optimal outcome, which is a best of breed of technologies, components and products.
Cronos eco-system
InspireHealth combines all the expertise in the Cronos eco-system into a single healthcare community to bring you the best possible solution for your problem. As a trusted partner in more than 70% of the Belgian hospitals and a virtual team of several thousand experts, we have everything in house to support you with any request you have to improve your clinical work environment. In addition, we also have external partners in our eco-system to make the offering to you as complete as possible.


Strategy & Vision

We organize ideation and inspiration sessions with you in order to build a long-term strategy to optimize your operations with technology. We listen to your vision and ambition and try to map the best technological and people-oriented approach to realize this ambition. We show you what can be done and how a strategic roadmap that spans multiple years can be created.


We build on the experience of the Uptime Group in equipping hospitals and enterprises with networking, storage, servers, cabling, etc. solutions. We proudly serve already the majority of the Belgian hospitals with infrastructure solutions.


Cybersecurity is a hot topic and therefore we are also organized with several IT and OT security expert centers that can guide and assist you through the all kinds of cybersecurity measures, ranging from identity management and access control over secure hosting solutions to data protection, data privacy and data sovereignty.


'If it's not connected, it doesn't exist' could be a valid quote these days. Everybody is always connected and data exchange has become intrinsic part of our day-to-day life. However, the ways data are exchanged is in continuous evolution, offering new opportunities for the medical staff to stay in contact with patients, exchange data between clinicians, introduce remote monitoring capabilities and even remotely assist during surgeries and other clinical interventions. Our in-house expertise, strengthened via partnerships with the major telco operators, offers you access to a large pool of connectivity experts that can assist you with your projects.


'Data is the holy grail' or 'Data is the new gold' is an often made statement, especially when it comes to patient data. Everybody is eager to get access to patient data to improve patient treatments, to get better insights in patient revalidation, to optimize medical procedures, to create personalized medication and evolve towards predictive healthcare. With the various data expert centres we have experience in architecting scalable and solid data solutions that can become federated data networks across multiple hospitals, regions and countries while keeping your sensitive data sound and safe.

Artificial Intelligence

Data is the prerequisite for introducing artificial intelligence and deep learning techniques that everybody is so eager to introduce in medical applications. With InspireHealth we can tap in to a pool of almost 200 AI specialists that have experience in building models for all kinds of industries, but also for hospital applications. Not only can AI be used to optimize operational processes, it can also assist in detecting patterns over a much larger dataset than human beings can and as such identify anomalies that can lead to better clinical insights and as a consequence also better patient outcomes.


Cronos is known for building solutions. Not only do we co-define them with you, we also architect, implement, validate and manage them with you. With an army of several thousends of SW specialists, we can build any kind of solution, ranging from mobile apps over cloud applications and on-premise solutions. These can be custom made, integrations of existing components or products or a combination of both. Whatever dream you have in mind, we can work with you to create it.


Once we have implemented a solution for you, we can help you in managing it. This can be done in various ways, ranging from on-demand support to fully hosted applications and systems. It all depends on your solution governance strategy. Let's sit together and discuss the options.


The people providing medical care need solutions that can help them in better serving the patients. Therefore, any technological solution will only bring value when it is being used and offers real operational value for the medical staff. Guiding the medical practitioners through the digital change is a process that starts at the beginning of the project and is not an afterthought. As a consequence, we have dedicated expertise in guiding staff through a digital transformation, starting from the initial ideation to the final on-site training and operational follow-up.


It goes without saying that we make sure that our solutions are as eco-friendly as possible. From the design we pay attention to processing power and optimize the solutions to make use of as little environmental resources as possible. We can also work with you to create insights on your carbon footprint and define approaches to reduce it according to international guidelines.


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